I was born in the South Bronx and experienced my early life in the many diverse neighborhoods of New York. My introduction to the imaginal world of photography materialized in a unique place and time. I witnessed my first print slowly appearing in the swirling liquid-filled pan, it was on a base camp during the Vietnam war. I knew immediately what I wanted to pursue when I returned home. I attended the New York Institute of Photography where the majority of the instructors were working professionals.  I relocated to California and entered the City College of San Francisco which had an excellent two-year photography program. I  then managed a rental photo lab which catered to local artist and photographers of the North Beach community. Shortly after I operated and owned a photography studio.  I became interested in video production and attended the College of Marin to study television production. I relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry.  I was fortunate to be a member of five Emmy Award-winning camera crews. Before retiring I attended Santa Monica College to refresh and learn the contemporary techniques of the digital world of photography. 


   The images that I exhibit are created with the specific desire that they function as metaphors for their own unique inner vision. These images are not my possessions, they don't belong to me. I simply attempt to bring them to life with the intention that they may convey an emotional response to those who experience them. 

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